Volvo 220LR Excarailer

The Volvo has a Unique Twin Cab configuration where the Operator and machine Controller are seated parallel as opposed to the same side on current machines. This ensures all round visibility when slewing and mechanical lifting operations are taking place, reducing the risk of injury as the Machine Controller is in the cab as opposed to the trackside. 360 degree camera systems are also in place.

When seated in the cabs, communications are carried out by Internal Cab Intercoms, no headsets  required, when the Machine Controller is outside his headset would communicate in the same way.

Technical Specs
Weight: 23000kg Guage: W6a
Rail type: 9A Max Cant: 150mm
On / Off Track Cant: 100mm Max trailing load: 46000kg or 3 trailers
Max reach: 6.7m SWL @ 5m: Circa 3T
ALO capable: Yes Work under live: Yes
Compatible attachments: Standard Attachments, Tube Cube, Drill Rig, Rail Trailer, Road Rail Trailer