Terex TW160 Megarailer

TRAC’s Terex Twin-Cab Excavator is equipped with an internal air transfer system connecting internally from the dipper to the rear counter-weight of the machine, to eliminate trailing hoses when working with air powered attachments. Utilising this feature, the Terex frequently assists TRAC’s geotechnical projects with our CID120 Remote Control Drill Mast.

The boom has a wide range of movement enabling a near-vertical position above the machine. If coupled with an ENGCON rotator hitch this is a versatile and capable base machine for drill rigs, piling hammers, or manipulators.

Technical Specs
Weight: 22800kg Guage: W6a
Rail Traction Type: 9b (High Ride) Max Working Cant: 150mm
On/Off Tracking Cant: 100mm Max Trailing Cant: 25000kg or 3 trailers
Max Reach: 7.0m SWL @5m: Circa 3t
ALO Capable: No Travel Under Live: Yes
Work Under Live: No Compatible Attachments: Standard Attachments, Tube Cube, Drill Rig, Rail Trailer, Road Rail Trailer