Case Study: Sanda Lighthouse

Client Northern Lighthouse Board
Project Refurbishment and Redecoration of Lighthouse
Location Sanda Lighthouse Station
Overview Sanda is an uninhabited island situated off the south end of Kintyre. Access is by chartered boat, with supplies flown in by helicopter or shipped in. The station buildings can accommodate 3—4 persons residing on the island.
Elevation: 15m high tower with 210 steps to the top
Nominal Range: 15km
Contact Alistair Rae
NLB Project Manager


The works comprised of:

  • Civil maintenance repair works
  • Application of decorative/protective coatings to external and internal elevations of the lighthouse tower, both access towers and link corridors, and the adjoining control room/accommodation block and all handrails, access paths, etc.


Sanda is situated in an isolated rock outcrop called Ship Rock. The lighthouse is 15m high and sits on top of 20-35m high cliffs all round.
As with all works at remote locations, works at Sanda had to be efficiently planned by TRAC to account for susceptible weather and sea state. Other factors TRAC had to consider as part of planning and execution of Sanda works included:

  • Site had to remain operational during works
  • No asbestos surveys conducted at site before—had to be arranged prior to works commencing.
  • Leaks in flat roofs on site
  • Works to inspect and repair access towers were largely rope access as towers were not suitable for cradles.

TRAC personnel had to reside onsite for duration of works. Accommodation was basic within the tower and buildings and had to be brought up to standard prior to works.


Works were delivered on time and within budget. The worksite remained incident free. Aids to Navigation not prevented from operating.