TD12 Megalifter

TRAC Rail’s TD12 Heavy Lifter is able to access, travel and work under LIVE OLE. Crab Steer enables ease of access and manoeuvrability when on tracking.

Lifting and carrying operations are used either with the base machine only or with both the machine and rail trailer provided. The purpose built lifting cradle enables level lifting and decreases load swing. The machine is capable of carrying 10no 60 foot lengths of rail at any time or 2no half switches. In addition, the machine has a carrying capacity of 10 tonnes with a towing capacity of 26 tonnes.

Lifting operations are carried out using the fully remote controlled crane that can rotate through 360 degrees; restrictors enable operations under LIVE OLE. When at full reach of 9 metres it is capable of lifting 1 tonne.

When the base machine is working alone with no trailer, the crane jib can be manually extended. This enables 60 foot lengths of rail to be placed in the four foot of the very line the machine is working on. The need for double lifting is therefore removed and possession planning issues eliminated for other lines either open to traffic or engineering works within a possession

The TD12 with rail trolleys attached are capable of lifting and moving S&C, IBJ’s, Scrap recovery, 60ft or closure rails. The rail is loaded from either CESS or 6ft, can also be lifted out of the 4ft with crane attachment. Up to 20 x 60fts or scrap rails can be loaded and distributed in any one run.

Technical specs available upon request.