Tag: Track Maintenance

TD12 Megalifter

TRAC Rail’s TD12 Heavy Lifter is able to access, travel and work under LIVE OLE. Crab Steer enables ease of access and manoeuvrability when on tracking. Lifting and carrying operations are used either with the base machine only or with both the machine and rail trailer provided. The purpose built lifting cradle enables level lifting… Read more »

Unimog 1650 Scorpion Ballast Regulator

Scorpion Road Rail Ballast Regulator is equipped with front and side ploughs and a towed ballast broom to replicate the capabilities of heavy rail machines. The plough is arranged with a centre pivot to allow configuration either as a V plough or as a blade angled to either cess. An adjustable centre section allows ploughing… Read more »

Unimog U400 Shunter

With the capability to shunt/propel up to 300 tonnes; the Unimog Shunter U400 is effective for many specialist maintenance works. Together with the other specialist RRVs within TRAC Rail’s fleet it ensures that rail projects can be completed as effectively and efficiently as possible. The machine is capable of shunting/propelling 300 tonnes of rolling stock… Read more »