Tag: Access Platforms

Unimog U400 Shunter

With the capability to shunt/propel up to 300 tonnes; the Unimog Shunter U400 is effective for many specialist maintenance works. Together with the other specialist RRVs within TRAC Rail’s fleet it ensures that rail projects can be completed as effectively and efficiently as possible. The machine is capable of shunting/propelling 300 tonnes of rolling stock… Read more »

Unimog 1650 MEWP

The 1650 MEWP provides an adaptable access solution due to its relatively smaller wheel base than our other lorry based MEWPS; whilst still providing the ability to drive to site. Technical Specs Lift Height: 9.5m Max Reach: 4.5m Basket Payload: 350kg (max. 3 people & tools)

Foden Lorry

The Foden Lorry operates a 4 wheel drive system ensuring all round traction for accessing the track. It is capable of both accessing the track and travelling to site under live OLE. The MEWP basket can carry 400kg and will accommodate 3-4 people and small tools for completing works. When in working mode on track,… Read more »


TRAC’s Elan MEWP offers two systems for lifting operations; a MEWP basket capable of holding 2 people plus tools and a scissor platform that can hold 3 people, plus tools. The MEWP basket at full capacity has a working envelope of 3.5m. The scissor platform at full capacity has a working envelope of 4m. A… Read more »

Genie Z60 Accessrailer 300

A versatile resource in TRAC’s rail mounted MEWP fleet, the Genie Z60 provides one of the larger working envelopes available from a self-propelled MEWP on UK Infrastructure. The boom is capable of travelling a full 360 degrees in either direction without hydraulic hose restrictions making it the ideal machine for undertaking multiple inspections in large… Read more »

Skyrailer 400

TRAC operate and maintain a fleet of 400kg Neotec Skyrailer MEWPs, all of which feature fully hydrostatic rail wheel drive and a high definition camera mounted on the counterweight providing the operator visibility in the key blind spot of this type of machine; ensuring all round visibility when travelling and working. The basket is suitable… Read more »