Stromeferry rock works

Case Study: Stromeferry Rock Works Phase 10

Client The Highland council
Principal Contractor TRAC Engineering Ltd.
Designer AECOM
Location  Stromeferry
Overview Rope access, removal of Maccaferri passive system, de-vegetation, scaling, installation of an active TECCO netting system, testing, complete installation and removal of road and rail conversion, rerailing, catch fence installation, fencing, civil engineering and traffic management
1m Circa £1m


Upon inspection of section AA18 located on the A890 bypass, it was deemed that essential remedial works were an urgent requirement to ensure the safety of passing road and rail traffic from rockfall in the high profile location critical for travelling public and the local communities.
TRAC’s challenge was to remove a Maccaferri netting system, replace it with a working TECCO netting safe system whilst ensuring that albeit there were restrictions, critical road and rail traffic could still flow on the respective routes through a constructed road rail conversion to by pass the site. It was absolutely essential that works did not exceed programme given the high profile nature of the project.


By utilising a combination of specialist geotechnical knowledge, rope access techniques, plant and equipment in addition to appointing and working with key parties, works were completed utilising nightshift and dayshift working to implement the critical remits on site such as the road rail conversion, the active netting system, scaling, civil engineering and convoy working.

Specialist roles were appointed also to ensure road and rail operations could take place in the form of specialist traffic management teams, COSS’ and handback engineers under RETB given the importance of ensuring traffic could flow within tight time constraints.

Both the road and rail infrastructure were also consistently inspected and maintained to ensure a high level of operation was provided to the road and rail users.
Specialist plant such as the Manitou Telehandler, Volvo Excarailer and Skid Rig in addition to skilled rope access personnel were critical in delivering the programme utilising our CID 120, CID 80 and A Frame Rigs.


Although there were unexpected circumstances within the project, works are due for completion to more than client satisfaction, on programme and in budget with the A890 due to re-open fully in November 2018 to the travelling public and local communities, due to the effort contributed by all parties involved