Seddon Atkinson Lorry

The Seddon Lorry is a multifunctional platform for a variety of rail mounted duties. The base machine can be equipped with a flatbed body with 2-way tipping controls, or a variety of other modular bodies such as Drum Carriers.

The crane has hydraulic fittings to the end of the arm, allowing it to run hydraulic attachments such as rail beams, clamshells and pincers.

Rails can be loaded by the crane and transported on site on the rail carrier frame which holds rails over the base.

Technical Specs
Weight: 21800kg Guage: W6a
Rail type: 9C Max Cant: 150mm
On / Off Track Cant: 150mm Max trailing load: N/A
Max reach: 15.5m SWL @ 5m: 2900kg
ALO capable: No Travel under live: Yes
Work under live: No Compatible Attachments: Drum Carrier, Winch, Pantograph, Clamshell, Rail Lifting Beam