Case Study: Emergency OLE Works: De-Wirement

Client Network Rail
Project Refurbishment of Client Asset
Location TRAC Eurocentral Plant Depot
Overview TRAC requested to assist Client in mini overhaul of RRV
Value: £40K


TRAC are plant specialists with necessary RISQ codes and in-house capacity to undertake such works. We have a high spec workshop suitable for the range of plant that we service and fully competent RPA Fitters.
The Client provided TRAC with a full specification of works to be carried out. Inspection by TRAC RPA Fitters assisted with the identification of additional work needed. Works included:

  • Removal, strip out, clean, reseal, test and recertification/renewal as required of:
    • Air receivers
    • Brake actuators
  • Major service of all serviceable components i.e. engine service, gearbox, hub oils etc.
  • Removal of body of machine and sandblasted
  • Inspection of MEWP basket/arm structure for safety and against visual signs of fatigue/failure
  • Inspect and certificate all rail operating systems following strip and refurb of rail bogies
  • Various components replaced
  • Wheels changed from split rim to 275 tyres
  • All electrical enclosures replaced from plastic to stainless steel
  • New paint work


Works completed to Client’s specification and satisfaction, ensuring safety reliability, performance and availability of the plant.
The plant was taken to third party for inspection; no follow-up by TRAC required as no issues identified.