Case Study:Twerton

Client Carillion
Project De-Vegetation and Geotechnical Works
Location Twerton
Overview TRAC were appointed to carry out de-vegetation and soil nailing on the slopes either side of the tracks at Twerton.


TRAC had to undertake a dual approach to works, utilising both skid rigs and rope access personnel for the soil nailing aspect of the project. Prior to works, TRAC had to clear a path down the slope to allow a path for the skid rig to travel whilst soil nailing was being carried.


The works involved light de-vegetation of both slopes using hand tools. Several rows were then cleared down the slope to allow skid rig to access and work. The soil nailing was completed using skid rigs and rope access personnel. Bolts were nailed at regular 2m intervals across the slope.

On completion of the rock bolting, Tecco high tensile mesh was installed on the slope using teams of 4 personnel consisting of rope technicians. The mesh was secured with plates and nuts which provides a netting to maintain slope stability. Finally slip drains were created by digging trenches down the slope and filling with ballast to provide an alternative route for water to prevent slippage in the soil.


Works were completed on time and budget and to the client’s satisfaction.