Case Study: Rope Access At Lime Street

Client Buckingham Contracting Group
Project Installation of Vertical Risers
Location Liverpool Lime Street
Overview Installation of vertical ducting ladders at five overbridges within the Liverpool Lime Street Project.


Buckingham appointed TRAC to install vertical risers at 5 separate locations, which would enable the installation of vertical ducting routes from the overbridge to the lineside troughing. Many of these risers were out of reach for any road going or rail mounted MEWP, with the presence of OLE and the height of the proposed risers being up to 26 metres.


TRAC supplied rope access teams, equipped to enable multiple temporary anchor solutions for the varying hazards presented with each location. Each team was resourced with a broad skill set in mind, to include for tasks such as vegetation clearance or scaffold erection, as well as provide for the safety critical roles like COSS.


TRAC delivered the work package ahead of the clients anticipated programme, working closely with the client and the other contractors involved in the overall project to ensure the installation met the specification provided. Upon completion, TRAC were recommended to Siemens and appointed to undertake the next phase of this work package to install the ducting and cables, proving testament to the client’s satisfaction.