Case Study: Polnish Tunnels

Client Amco
Project De-vegetation, scaling , pointing and geotechnical works on rock face.
Location Mallaig
Overview TRAC Rail were appointed by AMCO to carry out the de-vegetation, scaling, pointing and geotechnical works at the Fort William and Mallaig Portals located at Polnish Tunnels near Mallaig.


A remote location, weather conditions, the specified project programme and the lack of access for the specialist rope access personnel provided all provided challenges with the works.


The majority of the works were carried out by method of specialist rope access techniques above the portals however a selection of bottom anchors were completed utilising TRAC Rail’s CID 80 Drilling Rig which was attached to the SV221 rail bug. The top anchors and remaining bottom anchors in addition to 1No spot reinforcement dowel were completed utilising CP69 hand drills with integral steels.
TRAC Rail’s scope of works included the de-vegetation, scaling and netting of an 800m² area in addition to pointing the brickwork of both portals. The geotechnical works comprised of marking out and drilling 41No 3m top and bottom 36mm diameter holes through the existing ground before the stainless steel anchors were spun in using resin and Maccaferri mesh was installed. To complete the works, 16mm cable was fitted including accessories to allow stainless steel plates to be installed and nuts torqued. The pointing works comprised of applying a unique waterproof mortar due to the weather conditions present in the remote area at Polnish Tunnels.


TRAC Rail’s engineers and specialist rope access personnel worked efficiently and consistently to ensure a solution was present to any arising problem and provided a service which our clients expect.
TRAC Rail’s scope of works were completed successfully within AMCO’s specified programmed of a 55hr blockade in February 2016 in compliance with the specified design to the highest standard.