Case Study: De-Vegetation & Geotechnical Works

Client Carillion
Project De-vegetation and geotechnical works on rock face.
Location Near Severn Bridge, Chepstow
Overview TRAC were appointed to assist Carillion with the De-vegetation & Geotechnical works along the rock face either side of the track near the Severn Bridge.


Heavy vegetation along either side of the track which was difficult to access due to the slope gradient.


Along the top of the slope was cleared to allow access for rope personnel & use of the skid rigs. Any vegetation that lay within 2m of the cess was cleared by IRATA trained rope personnel. Vegetation that was difficult to pull back to the compound area was cut and dropped to the floor. This was subsequently cleared and transported using an RRV to a secure compound and chipped.
Rock bolting below 7m was conducted using 2 RRV’s with mounted drill rigs. Any bolting above 7m was hand drilled by rope access personnel.
Once works were complete, acceptance testing was carried out to several anchors to ensure the anchors conformed to the specified design.