Kawasaki Mule

TRAC’s Type 9c (Low Ride) Kawasaki Mule and 2no trailers provide a convenient solution for transportation of personnel and equipment to work sites. It can access the rail from any location.

The Mule operates a 4 wheel drive system ensuring all round traction for accessing the track. It is capable of accessing, travelling and working under LIVE OLE.

  • The RRV operator can also act as the machine controller, reducing the cost of additional staff.
  • The Host RRV has a tare weight of 1000kgs and is capable of carrying 4 persons plus tools up to 500kgs.
  • Each rail trailer weighs 67kgs and can be lifted manually by 2no persons onto the track.
  • Each rail trailer has a maximum payload of 933kg.

Technical specs available upon request