TRAC’s Elan MEWP offers two systems for lifting operations; a MEWP basket capable of holding 2 people plus tools and a scissor platform that can hold 3 people, plus tools.

The MEWP basket at full capacity has a working envelope of 3.5m. The scissor platform at full capacity has a working envelope of 4m.
A mounted Palfinger crane with manipulator has been mounted on the front of the ELAN and is capable of lifting 350kg at 8m. This attachment makes the ELAN the ideal tool for OHL lifting operations and signalling works.

The ELAN can access and egress with ease using its tracked undercarriage and can tow a small trailer allowing it to carry tools and equipment to the worksite.
It is capable of working with lines open to traffic with its live side working. If required it can change working sides with the push of a button allowing top half to spin and change quickly from either side.

Technical spec available on request.