Bance Alumnicart

TRAC’s Alumicart Bance and trailers provide a convenient solution for transportation of personnel and equipment to work sites. It can access the rail from any location.

  • One person operation, 4 person carrier
  • Capable of being driven in either direction
  • Easily and quickly set-up on track and can be lifted off directly in an emergency
  • Spring activated drum emergency and parking brakes. Fail safe, automatically applied when ignition is off, power fails or the linkage is broken. Manual release for uncoupled movement OR option for progressive stepped braking throughout.
Technical Specs
Weight: 155kg Guage: W6a
Max Vehicle Payload: 550kg (4 persons and personal items) Max Trailer Load: 1000kg
ALO Capable: Yes Travel Under Live: Yes
Work Under Live: Yes
trailer4 person carrier