Trac Engineering Ltd

Tottenham ORR Improvement Works

This project entailed the clearance of vegetation from overhead lines and structures in line with an improvement notice issued to network rail by the ORR.


Sites involved relied heavily on the use of road rail vehicles and rope access techniques due to the limited clearances made by high retaining walls and narrow boundaries in central London. Vegetation was cut by specialist tree-climbing team assisted by an RRV MEWP. All limbs and branches were to be rigged all lowered in a controlled manor to eliminate the possibility of damaging the overhead wires.

All vegetation cut by the team was chipped into the box of an RRV Unimog and removed from site. To maximise productivity over continuity the majority of the sites were undertaken during weekend possessions. TRAC additionally supplied all POS related planning, management and personnel; this included the requirement to plan and execute tasks under ‘any line open’ working procedures. TRAC undertook ecological surveys at sites prior to the work commencing and supplied a full ecological report to Network Rail.




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