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Tesmec High Speed Wiring Unit

David McGregor, Trac Engineering’s Managing director, has an eye for finding existing plant that is not being utilised for various reasons. To this end Trac Engineering have recently purchased a mothballed high speed wiring unit originally manufactured by Tesmec, and are embarking on transforming this into one of only two high speed wiring units in the United Kingdom, in so far as they are Road Rail Vehicle mounted. This approach has been used as time taken to develop new plant and methods into the UK can be prohibitive both in terms of approval times and costs.


Stuart Kelly, Trac Engineering’s Electrification Services Manager, has over 26 years’ experience in the OLE industry and is always looking for ways in which to improve productivity whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety. He has went back to basics to ensure that the years of experience gained in using various methods uses only the best going forward for this exciting  development. He has been fully involved so far with Tesmec to ensure that the unit will be fully refurbished to meet clients’ expectations of output and capability.
Trac have chosen a Mercedes Actros Lorry unit in which the Wiring Unit (above) will finally be mounted on. The unit is shortly travelling to Tesmec’s state of the art factory in Bergamo, Italy for the necessary refurbishment works to be undertaken before being fully operational early in the summer of 2017.
Once operational the unit will run OLE conductors at full tensions required by design which means that time taken to install will be more than halved versus using traditional methods of installation. Together with the rest of the units consist (2 Actros MEWPS) this will allow the complete installation of a wire run in an 8 hour shift. Whereas traditionally it would take several shifts to fully register a wire run prior to handback.  This will bring significant savings both in manpower and plant required, but just as important will also reduce disruptive access required to undertake the works. Another significant benefit is that it does not need train paths required by some other high output systems. This unit and it’s consist can access at any installed Road Rail Access Point on the rail network.
Whilst the wiring unit is undergoing refurbishment in Italy, staff are embarking on comprehensive training in using the various consists of the Wiring Unit. They are also undertaking further training in the various installation processes required, such as wire termination, registration of supports, installation of droppers, and compliance checking prior to handback.
Trac Engineering are not ashamed  to state that whilst this Wiring Unit is not new it is still highly innovative and brings a very substantial investment in Overhead Line Equipment installation both in cost, plant and resource. This investment Trac feel is required to meet the huge demand for electrification plant and resource over the next few years.
Trac Engineering will be keeping clients fully abreast of the development of the unit and will be undertaking a demonstration day, when it arrives back into the country and is operational, prior to it working proper on the rail infrastructure.

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