Trac Engineering Ltd

Gateside Viaduct

TRAC Rail successfully completed its first coring project in the beginning of June.



The scope of works was to undertake ten horizontal core samples on Gateside Viaduct on the Spandrel and Wing walls for AMCO. The core samples were required to drill up to two meters deep to assess the wall thickness and establish the fill material. Seven of the locations required were at height and therefore rope access techniques were utilised to carry out the coring.

TRAC supplied a four man rope access team to complete the works over three dayshifts. Due to the challenging access the Viaduct posed, TRAC were able to utilise their speciality in rope access to gain access to complete all the cores. Petzl anchors were used to rig the ropes from the viaduct.


TRAC supplied a Hilti DD 350 Diamond Core drill machine which was an extremely successful and efficient piece of kit and due to its low weight it was very manoeuvrable and ideal for working at height.


The scope of works was completed successfully and within AMCO’s specified timescale, delivered safely and on budget. 


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