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OLE Projects

TRAC Rail are pleased to announce that we are now able to undertake Overhead line services in all areas of Network Rail Infrastructure and other light rail systems. We have the necessary Link- Up and other accreditations required such as a Network Rail POS Holder, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and the relevant others required.

25KV AC Isolation and Possession Planning

TRAC Rail have the capability to undertake 25kV AC Isolations on Network Rail infrastructure. All works are undertaken in accordance with NR/L3/ELP/29987 – Working on or about 25kV A.C. Electrified Lines. We also have the capability to fully plan any OLE isolation requirements, liaising with Network Rail Isolation Planning and a client’s own project teams.

A unique benefit to clients is reduced costs through utilising our personnel to undertake additional duties (Such as POS, ES, COSS, M/C) once isolations are effected, where practical to the client.

OLE Construction and Maintenance

We have a skilled and efficient workforce who are OLEC trained and competent to carry out all types of work on both new and existing OLE systems. All of our overhead line staff are competent in the assembly and installation of various types of configurations of overhead line systems. We also have staff available to fully undertake all HV installations associated with 25kV AC systems used on Network Rail infrastructure. Services offered:

Maintenance of all OLE types of equipment – Our staff are able to fully interpret defect trackers and work orders and fully comply with all Network Rail instructions, standards and procedures.                         Construction of all OLE – Through our approach and use of internal plant we can fully undertake OLE projects regardless of size, whether we are adjusting or slewing equipment through to installing new structures and conductors and associated equipment.                                                                                                                           OLE Bonding – We are able to install all bonding to required standards with staff fully able to interpret bonding diagrams. This also includes the installation of RSC (return screening conductors), and associated connections.                                                                                                                                                                    Height and Staggers- Staff are able to undertake OLE height and staggers and associated geometry and through our engineering expertise can advise on non-compliances. Install all 25kV HV cables and associated equipment such as sealing ends. Through our partners we can also fully test and commission these to the required Network Rail Standards.Installation of Track Section Cabins (TSC’s) and Feeder Stations (FS’s).                                         Fully certified O LEC and support staff for all OLE works.                                                                                   

Materials Management – TRAC are able to offer full material management systems, and stock control through our stores function, this includes full material fabrication and delivery to site to clients requirements.           OLE Security – Theft of OLE materials and conductors is a huge problem faced by clients. TRAC are able to install and monitor several covert systems and fully liaise with the British Transport Police metal theft unit to ensure the security of a project.

OLE Engineering and Project Management

TRAC Rail have the capability to offer and support clients in OLE engineering and project management services in full compliance with Network Rail and light rail system standards and under CDM regulations. We can fully advise on project, feasibility and constructability scopes. We are able to fully manage the design process through to being approved for construction and indeed prepare as built documentation. Through design partners we can undertake design requirements to fully meet all client aspirations. Further Engineering services on offer are:

Undertake the role of Contractors Responsible Engineer under CDM regulations.

Undertake testing and commissioning, including the full preparation of all associated documentation.

Preparation of feasibility and constructability reports in conjunction with Network Rail’s GRIP Processes.

Undertake Dilapidation and condition surveys on all types of overhead line equipment installed throughout Network Rail Infrastructure and light rail systems.

Personnel available who can fully manage all aspects of OLE projects on a client’s behalf and represent the client at all project phases. 


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